[pdftex] pdftex & AcroReader

Frank Boehme f.boehme at cs.ucc.ie
Mon Feb 12 17:53:15 CET 2001

Tim Brunne wrote:
> Hi,
> does anybody have an idea how this may be
> accomplished on Unix/Linux systems, where acroread
> is run from the command line?

I don't know really. Once I played around and I can now tell you that
the following does *not* work: sending OS signals to the acroread
process. Why didn't they write acroread so that one of the following
gives the desired effect

killall HUP acroread
killall USR1 acroread
killall USR2 acroread


The only solution would be to use software that records and plays
X-events. This could be used to fake the necessary keystrokes.


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