[pdftex] pdftex & AcroReader

Tim Brunne brunne at hmi.de
Mon Feb 12 17:44:23 CET 2001


does anybody have an idea how this may be
accomplished on Unix/Linux systems, where acroread
is run from the command line? I do not know enough
about the Linux system (or even the X-Window System).
But there should be some appropriate commands/signals. 
Possibly the X-Window Server may be activated to send 
those key sequences to the acrobat reader?

I usually run a makefile in order to compile (La)TeX
sources. So, a proper sequence of commands would be


P.S.: BTW, why are the latest postings of this mailing list
not archived at tug.org?

"Kuznetsov A,V." wrote:
> Dear pdftex users,
> this problem has already been discussed several times in
> mail-list, but its solution has only partly been obtained.
> When one uses AcroReader as viewer under TeXing, he should close
> document before translation (Ctrl + W) and reopen it after
> translation (Ctrl + <-). It is helpful when TeX-editor does that.
> We have found that for Windows, the following codes should be sent
> to AacroReader to close and restore the last opened document:
> wm_Command ($0111) with wParam=$E102 //to close
> wm_Command ($0111) with wParam=$179D //to restore
> For example, to operate AcroReader from WinEdt, the following macros
> can be used.
> //to translate
> SendMessage("Acrobat Reader", $0111, $E102, 0);
> // This SendMessage produces "Close" command
> Run("LaTeXPDF.bat %N","%P");
> //The last should be modified to run compilation in Your configuration
> End;
> //to restore the previous view
> Run("Acrord32.exe ""%P\%N.pdf""");
> // We open document window
> SendMessage("Acrobat Reader",$0111,$179D,0);
> // These SendMessage produces "Go Back" command to AcroReader
> End;

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