[pdftex] floatingfigure and pdflatex

Arto Viitanen av at cs.uta.fi
Mon Feb 12 08:39:51 CET 2001

Heiko Oberdiek wrote:

> At 12:08 09.02.2001 +0200, Arto Viitanen wrote:
>> How does one use the floatingfigure environment (page
>> 150 on The LaTeX Companion) in pdflatex? When I tried
>> pdfximage with it
> Not a good idea to use \pdfximage directly, if you
> are using LaTeX, the graphics package hides the
> internals and works with different pdfTeX versions,
> that implement different internal commands.

That is nice to know, but it does not solve my problem:
the included (either using includegraphics on graphicx
package or direclty using pdftex's primitives) vanishes
when using floatingfigure.

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