[pdftex] Movies in PDF documents with pdfTeX

Carsten Friedrich carsten at cs.usyd.edu.au
Fri Dec 28 10:44:57 CET 2001

Hi Gerad

{\pdfannot width 6in height 0in depth 3.3in {%
          /Subtype /Movie
          /Movie << /F (myMovie.mov) >>}}

works for me. Replace the dimensions and the filename with your data. When
viewing with Adobe Acrobat it changes the cursor to a movie icon in the 
region. When clicking it plays the movie. Unfortunately Acrobat is a little 
bit stupid and sometimes
rejects valid movie files as "not a valid movie file". It becomes really 
weird when
it lets you choose an alternative movie, you select the same movie, you can
even watch it in the preview of the file selector, but if you press ok it 
is rejected
again .... well apart from that it works very well.


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