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Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Thu Dec 20 08:02:29 CET 2001

> dear xypic authors,
> only recently i found out about
> your great package which lets me solve most
> of my graphics problems in latex.
> finally, i can go away from an ms office based solution.
> i do have one wish, though.
> the combination of foiltex and ppower
> allows one to set up very nice slide shows from the computer.
> ppower needs pdftdx produced files.
> and i have not been able to use color in
> xypic with pdftex (in fact, pdflatex).

There are some experimental drivers that support color,
applied to the Type 1 fonts that come with Xy-pic.

You can get them from:

Explore that site, for examples of labelling mathematical
graphics using Xy-pic. The methods work for all flavours
of TeX and LaTeX.

> is there a way of doing this?
> perhaps an additional pdf drives is needed?
> do you have any plans
> to add specific pdftex support and/or drivers
> to xypic?

The experimental drivers do most of what you want in practice.
As yet, they do not do direct construction of lines and curves
in PDF, but construct such graphics using font pieces.

However, the results are remarkably smooth, since the PDF reader
applies anti-aliasing to the (fully hinted) fonts.
Indeed, on-screen the results from this can look better than
using Xy-pic with \xyoption{ps} (for PostScript graphics) then
producing a PDF with Adobe's distiller.

> thanks again for writing such a 
> nice graphics package.

I hope you'll like the PDF capabilities as well.


	Ross Moore

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