[pdftex] Characters missing when printing from Acrobat

rhowlett at mail.usyd.edu.au rhowlett at mail.usyd.edu.au
Thu Dec 6 16:38:39 CET 2001

It seems to me that with the versions of Acrobat and pdftex
that you are using you probably have a more serious printing
problem than you realize. I guess that you are using postscript
fonts for most of your text, with occasional use of cm fonts
in formulas etc. I think that if you switched to using cm fonts
for everything you would find that most of your document
would print incorrectly. You may also find that some substitution
of fonts has taken place at places where at first sight it
seems to have printed OK.

Upgrading to pdftex 1.00a-pretest (or downgrading to Acrobat 4)
should fix things.

Bob Howlett


Quoting Carsten Friedrich <carsten at cs.usyd.edu.au>:

> Hi,
> thank you all for your great help. It seems I have been a little bit
> un-precise
> when writing my first mail. So here are some more detailed
> informations:
> Acrobat version: 5.0 (full version, online-update says it is up to
> date)
> Printer: HP laserjet 4000 N
> Source: latex ,  pdf generated with pdfTeX, Version 
> 3.14159-14f-released-20000525 (Web2C 7.3.3)
> Fonts: Time(bold,roman,italic),CMMI12, CMSY10, 
> CMR12,CMEX10,CMMI8,CMSY8,CMMI6,CMR8 all type 1
> Acrobat displays all characters correctly, the problem occurs only
> when
> printing.
> The problem also occurs if I print to file and look at it with ghostview
> (windows version 3.6). This also
> happens with other printer drivers. As the output is about 200k I don't
> want to just
> send it to everybody, but if you are interested I'm happy to send it to
> you. When reading
> the pdf file with ghostview and printing it prints fine. Also the latex
> source is available on
> request.
> Things that do not work: "-" and some greek characters.
> I also tried all kinds of printer switches like (optimize for 
> compatibility, postscript version, turn
> off adjustments, etc.) with no effect.
> If you don't know a real solution but a work-around how I can print from
> my 
> acrobat version I'd
> be happy with that :-).
> Thanks
> Carsten

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