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Of course, you could simplify your life a whole lot
by using the ready-made support for Charter
(and Utopia and Courier) found at

At 08:35 8/27/2001 -0400, Chris Hubert wrote:
>I am having some troubles getting pdftex to use charter
>fonts on my system.
>I am using a fairly recent installation of fptex
>(thanks to F Popineau, by the way), with pdfTeX
>version 14h (Windows 2000).
>(I downloaded my version about 2 months ago, and
>I believe it is basically what is on the TeX
>live 5 CD.)
>I have 4 pfb files in ...fonts/type1/bitstream/charter/
>                       bchb8a.pfb
>                       bchbi8a.pfb
>                       bchr8a.pfb
>                       bchri8a.pfb
>(and I have updated my ls-R database)
>My psfonts.map contains the lines from charter.map
>bchb8r CharterBT-Bold "TeXBase1Encoding ReEncodeFont"
>            <8r.enc <bchb8a.pfb
>bchbi8r CharterBT-BoldItalic "TeXBase1Encoding ReEncodeFont"
>            <8r.enc <bchbi8a.pfb
>bchr8r CharterBT-Roman "TeXBase1Encoding ReEncodeFont"
>            <8r.enc <bchr8a.pfb
>bchri8r CharterBT-Italic "TeXBase1Encoding ReEncodeFont"
>            <8r.enc <bchri8a.pfb
>(In psfonts.map, this appears as four lines... I added the
>extra line breaks for e-mail)
>However, when I run pdf(la)tex using the charter
>package, I get an error saying that the font shape was
>not defined, so the cmr fonts are used instead.  (The
>full error log is attached as NoFdFiles.txt.)
>I tried adding some *.fd files related to charter, but
>I don't believe that this is the correct thing to do,
>as metapost gets called.  (Output from this has been
>saved as WithFdFiles.txt.)
>My simple test case is attached as chtest.tex.
>I am sure that there is probably something fairly simple
>that I need to add, but beyond having the proper lines
>in my *.map files and having the *.pfb files, I am not
>sure what it is.
>    CHris
>  Chris Hubert  hubert at rclsgi.eng.ohio-state.edu
>  Department of Mechanical Engineering
>  The Ohio State University
>  206 W 18th St. / Columbus, OH 43210

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