[pdftex] Color dependence of included pdf images

Klaus Guntermann guntermann at iti.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de
Tue Aug 14 09:10:48 CEST 2001

Heiko Oberdiek writes:
 > At 10:09 13.08.01 -0400, Tom Kacvinsky wrote:
 > >In my opinion, all included PDF files should be self contained, and not
 > >depend on the current state of the PDF engine.
 > It is easy to add the \pdfliteral lines in pdftex.def
 >    \pdfliteral{q 0 g 0 G}% gsave color black
 >    \pdfrefximage\thepdflastximage
 >    \pdfliteral{Q}% grestore
 > But then the color dependence cannot be used as feature.
 > Before changing pdftex.def I would like having more opionions.

I would like to see the current mechanism as a feature. It works the
same way for included metapost figures. And I my vote is against
changing that.
In our lectures we have often simple diagrams, which are colored
just for the presentation. If the color had to be part of the diagram, 
we would need two versions of the diagram. One colored for the
presentation (metapost into pdf) and another for the printed material
(metapost into dvi).
If an included item would like to insist in being presented in a
certain color, it should take care of that and make sure it selects
this color. If the included item comes without color information, the
mechanism to include and use the item should not impose an artificial
color selection.

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