[pdftex] char protruding

Carsten Schurig Carsten.Schurig at gmx.net
Mon Apr 30 15:12:04 CEST 2001

On 30-Apr-2001 Han The Thanh wrote:
> yes, sure, given that such a character is available in the font

OK, that's no problem. \textdegree is available when using pxfonts
and textcomp and it's simple to use \textdegree instead of ^{\circ}
in SIunits. But my problem is, how to get the char protruding for
\textdegree! \rpcode\font 176=200 (or so) is not good, because it
would lead to a protruding of char 176 in normal T1 encoded Font
(as far as I understand). Generally that's no great problem for me,
because I don't use char 176 of T1 in German, but it's a bit

So how can I define char protruding for char 176 out of TS1 (I've
got no idea)? 


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