[pdftex] problems with dnp japanese fonts

Michal Piskorski piskor at mercury.ci.uw.edu.pl
Mon Apr 9 00:08:53 CEST 2001

A document is created by pdflatex with CJK package (text in Japanese and
Korean). Acrobat Reader (4.05 for W98) prints an error message while trying
to display the page with any dnp japanese fonts ie.:
"Unable to extract the embedded font ERNIAN+dmjkb. Some characters may not
display or print correctly"
and no Japanese character is displayed.
Do you know how to force acrobat to display them correctly?
BTW: xpdf and gv print everything well.

Another problem - I don't know how to build pdf file with type1 fonts that
were created by ttf2pfb + t1asm (set of subfonts created from ttf unicode
To receive ps file I have to use dvips with -j0 option. Any attempt to get
pdf file (pdflatex, dvipdfm) is followed by error message that says about
unexpected end of (font) file, and process is broken.
Any suggestions?


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