[pdftex] installation of pdftex binaries

John Robert Kitchin jkitchin at udel.edu
Tue Apr 3 12:30:03 CEST 2001


I have just finished building pdftex-14f.  The compiling seemed to go
well, and the binaries appear to work.  I have them in
/usr/local/pdftex2/src/texk/web2c right now.  I have a couple of questions

1.  There is no pdflatex binary, is this called by
pdftex --fmt pdflatex inputfile

or did I miss something?

The pdflatex file on my linux box appears to be a binary.

2. I am not certain how to update the system files and which ones to
update.  Replacing the pdftex binary seems obvious, but there are a lot of
other files in these directories.

3.  If I try calling the new pdftex binary from another binary as

pdftex --fmt pdflatex inputfile, I get an error message that it can't find
the fmt file.

4.  What is the difference between getting the binaries this way and the
binaries that are in the zip file.  There are only a few of those, and a
few other files.  I didn't find any docs on what to do with these files


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