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>From Thanh (08/04/2000)

>Hi all,
>I wrote a small utility called pdftosrc based on xpdf codes to extract a
>included in a pdf file. The syntax for including file is the same as
>by Heiko. Thus one can say:
>    stream attr {/Type /SourceFile /SourceName (\jobname.zip)}
>    file{\jobname.zip}
>\pdfcatalog{/SourceObject \the\pdflastobj\space 0 R}
>to include \jobname.zip or whatever. I would prefer something like
>\immediate \write 18 {make mysources.tar.bz2}
>to get maximal compressness.
>To extract the file that has been included, one then says:
>pdftosrc file.pdf
>and that's it. The file is included/extracted in binary mode.
>I added this utility into pdftex sources (rather small, about 80 lines).
>case anyone wants to try it, I can upload the sources (or binaries for

Thierry Bouche <Thierry.Bouche at ujf-grenoble.fr> on 15/12/2000 15.15.54

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Subject:  pdftosrc

Could someone remind me what it is?

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