[pdftex] Re: font validator?

Tom Kacvinsky tjk at ams.org
Tue Dec 12 12:12:45 CET 2000

I have long thought about writing a font lint tool.  What it would do is make
sure that the font conforms to the Type 1 spec.  I realize that just because a
font conforms to the spec doesn't mean that it will work with ATM, etc...

As for when I would write such a beastie?  Hmm....  zYour guess is as good as
mine.  I am not so good about following through with things, so I try not to
make promises!


On Tue, 12 Dec 2000, S2P development wrote:

> Han The Thanh wrote:
> >
> > Hi all,
> >
> > does anyone know of a type1 and/or truetype font validator?
> Depends on what you consider 'valid', I think. For Type1 and
> TrueType alike: if they are supposed to work with the operating
> system (ATM or the TTF microsoft rasterizer), then those
> are in fact the validating programs. Esp. true for ATM, which has
> many more constraints on Type1 fonts than the official spec.
> If they are supposed to print/subset correctly, try to print
> or subset them, if it works they are valid ... the specs are
> fairly useless, in both cases I don't know of *any* single program
> that interprets the whole spec and nothing but the spec.
> It's not too hard to come up with a Type1 validator according
> to Adobe's Type1 book (and/or the ATM compatibility supplement),
> but you'll soon discover that not even ATM is ATM-compatible ;)
> Greetings, Taco

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