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Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Tue Dec 5 08:36:23 CET 2000

> » I guess that you got all the white around it because gs - which is
> » called by imagemagick - renders what it thinks is the entire page. The
> » following script by Sebastan Rahtz creates a page boundingbox matching
> » the figure boundingbox:
> yes, I know it. In fact, I thought the solution could be: take the
> JPEG, convert to EPS with imagemagick, apply epstopdf with -nogs
> option, feed the result to distiller with the right downsampling
> options.
> this essentially works, but not always (some images end up much larger
> as viewed by pdftex). I don't know why...

In solving a problem like this for someone several weeks ago,
I found that the .eps (!) file had the correct bounding box for
the desired contents.  However, it also drew a full A4 page-sized 
white filled rectangle as a backdrop for the image.

Thus the %%BoundingBox did not represent the true contents of the
image. I'll let you image what havoc this can play in various contexts.

The headers suggested that it was quite recent software that did this !

So beware.
All the best,

	Ross Moore

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