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add description of primitives \pdfrunninglinkoff & \pdfrunninglinkon to manual

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 on every run is just noise, and can be suppressed by setting this
 parameter to a positive number.  \introduced{1.40.13}
+These commands create corresponding whatsit nodes which turn on/off generation
+of running links. Typical usage is to turn off generation of running
+links in header or footer of a page. Generation of running links is
+on when the shipout routine begins.
+The generation of running links works roughly like this: \PDFTEX\ keeps
+a stack of links created by \type{\pdfstartlink}, called \type{pdf_link_stack}. When writing
+out an hbox to pdf, \PDFTEX\ checks if the nesting level of the box is the same
+as the nesting level of the top entry in \type{pdf_link_stack}; if yes that box would
+become a link, too.
+The whatsit nodes created by the above primitives will turn on/off a flag, which controls if a hbox being shipped can become a link (in addition to the condition described above).
+The commands must be inserted before the hbox in question. For example:
+% (1) good:
+  \hbox{this is a line that would become a link otherwise}
+% (2) bad:
+\hbox{\pdfrunninglinkoff this is a line that would become a link} 
+% too late; \pdfrunninglinkoff must be inserted before the box

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