[OzTeX] OzTeX 5.3b2 - pdflatex errors

Dr. Neil Gunther njgunther at perfdynamics.com
Fri Nov 25 23:51:30 CET 2005

Using pdflatex via OzTeX 5.3b2 interface on macOS 10.4.2

Sometimes OzTeX seems to lose the plot when calling pdflatex (from the OzTeX
menu). It hangs in some way, such that I have to quit and and relaunch. This
not a huge deal, and I'm not even sure it's an OzTeX problem. Maybe others
have seen it and have a better idea.

One example that I captured this morning, goes like this:

Calling Unix command: pdflatex -efmt=pdflatex -shell
-int=nonstopmode thermo.tex
Current directory: /Users/njg/LaTex\

*** pipe failed! ***

This actually looks like a Darwin problem.


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