[OzTeX] Help ! trying to convert Latex to ps

Bernhard Barkow bb at creativeeyes.at
Sat Nov 12 18:31:04 CET 2005


On 12.11.2005, at 16:51, vince croxson wrote:
> Dear All at Oztex,
> I am trying to get to grips with Latex, and am using
> ' OzTex 3.1 & Alpha 7.1 f ' on my old Macintosh (a performa)
> I was able to create a DVI File. from the following Latex programme.
> \documentclass{article}
> \begin{document}
> \title{Time Dependent Quadratic Hamiltonians, SU(1,1), SU(2),
> SU(2,1) and SU(3)}
> \section{Introduction}
> the Paul trap , ultra-short laser
> \end{document
> Unfortunatly, while trying to create a postscript file from a DVI  
> file, I
> got an error message,it said,
> "This is dvips 5.74 Copyright 1997 Radical Eye Software
> (www.radicaleye.com)
> Input file: latextestA.dvi
> Options: -r -T210mm,297mm -PCMPS
> ! Couldn't find header file cmr10 "
> According to my Manual I should have been able to make a postscript  
> file,
> [There are  'cmr' files installed also any way of viewing the  
> equations I created in Latex would be good]
> but the postscript file I create was empty.
> Could you give any advice?

I'm not sure, but this looks as if you want to use the PostScript  
version of the Computer Modern fonts; do you have them installed on  
your machine?
If not, either deactivate the corresponding option in OzTeX (Config/ 
Use Outline Fonts IIRC; or delete the option in the window popping up  
when you start DVIPS), or install them:
Other than that, it might be useful to upgrade to a newer  
distribution, if available (my dvips coming with OzTeX is version  
5.86, but I don't know if there is a newer version than yours  
available which will still run in Classic / OS 9 (which I assume you  
need on the Performa)).

Sorry that I cannot be of more help, since switching to teTeX on OSX  
I don't use OzTeX that often anymore...


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