[OzTeX] Problem with DVIPS and the production of HyperPostscript output

David Hildum hildum at cs.cmu.edu
Sat Feb 12 22:38:03 CET 2005

Hi -

Figured I'd better start here with my DVIPS question -

I've got a 152-page document being processed by OzTeX 5.1 and using the 
hyperref package (i.e., \usepackage{hyperref}).  My dvi file looks 
great - all the links that are supposed to be active *are* active: 
table of contents/figures/tables, footnote numbers, section/page 
references, bibliographic citations, and all of my \href commands.  If 
I call DVIPS *without* the -z option and send the resulting Postscript 
file through Distiller, I get a 152-page PDF document - without any 
active links, as expected.  BUT, when I *do* provide the -z option (to 
produce HyperPostscript) and again run it through Distiller, I get a 
PDF file that contains only the last 6 pages of my original document - 
but the links *are* active!

The cause of the problem is clearly the Postscript file, since in the 
first case (without the -z option), the Postscript file is 87Mb, while 
in the second case, it's only 2.3Mb.  The curious thing about the 
processing by DVIPS is that it is (seemingly) identical in both cases 
(i.e., with and without the -z option).  It generates the same "[1] [2] 
[3<Figures/fig1.eps>] [4<Figures/fig2.eps>] ... [151] [152]" output 
each time and takes the same amount of processing time.  In looking at 
the two different Postscript files, I notice that the big one that 
includes all 152 pages has "DVIPSSectionPage" commands for each page, 
while the small, 6-page one has only six "DVIPSSectionPage" commands, 
corresponding to the last 6 pages in the document.

So, my question is, why would the -z option to DVIPS be leaving out the 
first 146 pages of my document when producing HyperPostscript output?

Any/all help/suggestions/pointers/etc. are welcome -


	- David Hildum (hildum at cs.cmu.edu)

P.S.  I'm using the "dvips 5.86d Copyright 1999 Radical Eye Software" 
version that comes with the OzTeX 5.1 software.

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