[OzTeX] White letters in black boxes

Michael Kluskens michael.kluskens at nrl.navy.mil
Tue Apr 12 16:43:08 CEST 2005

Any ideas why I'm getting white letters in black boxes.

Printing to a HP 4100TN printer through a Linux server.  Tried the 600 
& 1200 standard load_config's.  Also tried manual setting to ljfive 
which I had used under 4.0.  They all give me white text in black boxes 
(this is with standard postscript off, with it on nothing gets to the 
printer, seems to be a problem with the server configuration, I don't 
have direct access to the printer).

If I connect to a different local network (physically switch networks) 
I have access to a HP Laserjet 5M and printing works fine.

Just getting back to using OzTex.  Downloaded OzTeX 5.2 and setup local 
(running on OS X 10.3.8) (the last version I had used was 4.0 under OS 


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