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Mon Jan 24 08:57:38 CET 2011

Thanks for the responses about my not-very-precise request on "Limited
precision  -- Megapost"

I am drawing some pictures of light beams falling on different geometric
shapes, like parabolas and hyperbolas and "calculating" the reflected beam
and, when there are a few reflections involved, I have noticed that these
reflected beams fail to pass through the foci of the conics. I think this
has to do with precision problems when calculating the intersections of paths, but
it can also be due to the representation by cubics, since the conics are
drawn by the path joining a few points. I will see if I can do a bit "fine
tuning" on this to get acceptable results.

Thanks again and

Many thanks to the developers and to John Hobby for such a wonderful (and
enjoyble)  piece of software.


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