[metapost] interaction in mpost

Karel horakk at math.cas.cz
Fri Mar 27 22:43:43 CET 2009

Dan Luecking napsal(a):
> At 04:06 AM 3/26/2009, Karel wrote:
>> I repeat also that in newer versions of mpost it
>> is not possible to use -interaction
>> even if the help this suggests:
>> mpost -interaction=nonstopmode cover
>> warning: mpost: unknown option argument
>> -interaction=nonstopmode
>> This is MetaPost, version 1.102 (kpathsea version
>> 3.5.7)
> I might add that the corresponding MP commands (batchmode,
> nonstopmode, scrollmode and errorstopmode) are recognized.
> Since one can put MP commands on the mpost command line one
> can use the following as a workaround:
>      mpost \nonstopmode; input filename;
> with quoting possibly needed in some OSs.
> However, these Metapost mode commands are not documented in
> my version of mpman (dated May 13, 2008, documenting MP ver. 1.005).
Thanks a lot! The interruption because of some trivial error was quite 
I got the idea, but did not find those commands in manual, so I gave up.

Karel Horak

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