[metapost] discontinued axis range and metapost latex font command

Constantine cksmile at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 16:41:22 CET 2009


thanks for your earlier answers which helped me start learning Metapost. I
have a couple of questions perhaps trivial to more experienced users.

Q1: I am writing a LaTeX document (MikTex, TeXnicCenter) and I noticed that
in some MetaPost introductory documents (like Learning METAPOST by Doing;
Andre Heck) a special font (capital letters) is used. Does anyone know the
command (and latex package) for this font? It is really fancy

Q2: I am trying to plot a graph in Metapost and I wanted to use a
discontinued vertical axis. i.e. one that starts at 10-20 units and then
jumps to 200-250.

Thanks for your help,
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