[metapost] metapost crash

Stephan Olbrich stephanolbrich at gmx.de
Fri Feb 10 16:28:12 CET 2006

> My guess is that you ran out of "independant variables",  metapost
> used to crash when that happened. The latest version should give you
> a prober error before quitting, but the actual problem is not solved.

My version is:
MiKTeX-MetaPost 2.4.1398 (0.641) (MiKTeX 2.4)

Which version is the latest?

> If this is indeed the cause, then the problem is in the internal
> bookkeeping of metafont (which metapost has inherited), and there
> is no known solution.

What are "independent variables"? Is there anything I can do to use
I thought all variables between beginfig and endfig are local and
cleared after the endfig, so the memory should be freed.

> Another potential cause is that the .mem file that is used by
> your run was generated with different web2c array sizes from the
> current ones. That can produce all kind of strange errors, but
> is easy to fix: just regenerate the .mem file.

Sorry, I have no clue, what you are talking about. How can I regenerate
the .mem file?

> Hard to tell without your actual files.
I'll try to put something together which causes the error.
(In the original version, there is some stuff, I can't post here.)

Thanks for your help!


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