[metapost] metapost crash

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Fri Feb 10 15:14:24 CET 2006

Stephan Olbrich wrote:
> Any ideas why this happens, or what I could do?

My guess is that you ran out of "independant variables",  metapost
used to crash when that happened. The latest version should give you
a prober error before quitting, but the actual problem is not solved.

If this is indeed the cause, then the problem is in the internal
bookkeeping of metafont (which metapost has inherited), and there
is no known solution.

Another potential cause is that the .mem file that is used by
your run was generated with different web2c array sizes from the
current ones. That can produce all kind of strange errors, but
is easy to fix: just regenerate the .mem file.

Hard to tell without your actual files.

Greetings, Taco

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