[OS X TeX] making an index (nomenclature)

John Collins jcc8 at psu.edu
Tue Feb 6 01:39:23 CET 2024

 From the command line, there's only a latexmk command, but no pdflatexmk.  You 
invoke latexmk as 'latexmk -pdf ...' to get it to use pdflatex for compiling 
the document.  (By default, latexmk uses latex.)

To get what you want from the command line:

1. Create a file named latexmkrc in the document directory containing the 

    # Custom dependency and function for nomencl package
    add_cus_dep('nlo', 'nls', 0, 'makenlo2nls');
    sub makenlo2nls {
        system("makeindex -s nomencl.ist -o '$_[0]'.nls '$_[0]'.nlo");
    # Arrange for cleanup operations to remove .nlo and .nls files
    push @generated_exts, 'nlo', 'nls';

    # Use pdflatex to compile .tex documents (unless overridden on CL):
    $pdf_mode = 1;

That configures latexmk to deal with nomenclature and to use pdflatex.

2. Then you can just run

    latexmk sample.tex

(Change the filename to whatever you are using, of course.)


On 2/5/24 6:24 PM, Nicolae Garleanu wrote:
> I don’t mean to try to have anyone else waste time on this, but just in case
> it rings a bell with anyone: On my “real” file, 1. If I run makeindex from
> command line all OK. 2. The % !TEX program = pdflatexmk snippet at the top
> of the file does not do anything. It does work on the MWE. The two files are
> in the same directory. All the nomenclature related commands in the MWE are
> also in the real file.Is there a way to run pdflatexmk from the command line
> as a check? Just writing it followed by file name gives me a “command not
> found" error (as it perhaps should).
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