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John Collins jcc8 at psu.edu
Sun May 9 17:21:35 CEST 2021

I think what was meant was the Preview app of macOS, not the preview window of 
TeXShop.  The default for jumping back is cmd/[.  Have a look at Preview's Go menu.


On 5/9/21 10:44 AM, Herbert Schulz wrote:
>> On May 9, 2021, at 9:27 AM, Robert Bruner <robert.bruner at wayne.edu> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> This is not TeX specific, except that the 700 page document in which the answer will be used was produced by TeXShop.    After following a link (to jump to Theorem 9.40, for example) there is a keyboard command which will return you to the place you came from.
>> I learned this recently, but did not practice it enough to remember it.  My google search skills aren't sufficient to unearth a list which contains it.
>> Can anyone remind me?   I will write it down and practice it this time so as not to bother anyone with this elementary question again.    If there is a good way to find a comprehensive list of such things, I'd be glad to learn that.
>> Bob Bruner
>> Math Dept
>> Wayne State
>> Detroit, MI   USA
> Howdy,
> No shortcut by default. The Menu items are Preview->Back/Forward. The toolbar items are the small left/right triangles. I've also created shortcuts for Back (Opt-Cmd-[) and Forward (Opt-Cmd-]) in Shortcuts->App Shortcuts in System Preferences->Keyboard.
> Good Luck,
> Herb Schulz
> herbs at wideopenwest.com
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