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> Do you have a basic working installation of cocoAspell?
> I've found that I had to reinstall it from scratch in BigSur, using the original installer, which still works.
> In order to add more languages beyond English, you download them from ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/aspell/dict/0index.html. Unpack the downloaded dictionaries, open a terminal, cd into the directory of the unpacked files, and than compile as follows (you need XCode with the command line tools installed):
> ./configure
> make
> After that, move the compiled files (i.e., the .dat .cwl .multi .rws .alias files) to one of the following directory (the one created by cocoAspell), so that Aspell can find them:
> /Library/Application Support/cocoAspell/aspell6-en-6.0-0
> cheers
> --e.

Thank you Enrico, 
I did try your suggestion with ./configure + make to no avail. 
But now I know what's the culprit: the version of Croatian Aspell dictionary is 0.51-0 and the installed Aspell version is This did not show up in El Capitan (although it did take a couple of minutes before it started to spell-check Croatian for the first time after computer restart, while spell-checking English started without delay). 
To confirm this, I now downloaded the German dictionary aspell6-de-20161207-7-0, put it into the /Library/Application Support/cocoAspell/ folder, opened Spelling in System Preferences which automatically successfully compiled whatever needed producing Makefile and .rws files in the same folder. After activating German in Spelling, it did show in TexShop and just worked.

So my conclusion is that, under Mojave, CocoAspell 2.5 works out of the box when using aspell6-*** dictionaries. 

Thus the problem I am still facing is how to change the configure and Makefile.pre files in the aspell-hr-0.51-0 folder (I know how to handle the hr.cwl file if necessary). 
I would appreciate any help very much.

And to Roussanka: I bought the 1TB Samsung Portable SSD T5, and I am using it as the startup disk constantly from June 2020. It actually survived with no harm when I inadvertently pulled out the USB cable instead of the power cable.


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