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Hi Ettore,

On 7 Oct 2020, at 12:13 pm, Ettore Aldrovandi <ealdrov at math.fsu.edu<mailto:ealdrov at math.fsu.edu>> wrote:

Cambria Math, are within the application bundle. So they’re in /Applications/Microsoft Word.app/Contents/Resources/DFonts<https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/64IzCP7L1NfAg4BZH0XfQI?domain=word.app> .  It may or may not be legal to copy them elsewhere for use by another application.

You should be able to tell FontBook that this is where they are.
No copying required.
And no, I don’t think the licensing prevents you using them in other non-Microsoft applications.

I don’t know, I’m not an expert on this. FontBook won’t copy them, but what happens if Lua/XeLaTeX embed the font?

Just the same as if you used them with TextEdit or Apple’s Pages,
or with Adobe’s InDesign or Acrobat Pro.

It’s all perfectly legal.

Mostly the applications will subset the fonts anyway, to use only the characters actually needed.
You cannot easily recover the complete font from the PDF generated by those apps.
So no, you are not *stealing* the font by using it with non-Microsoft applications.

Font designers *want* you to use their work.
That’s how their designs get known.

People see them and like them — they buy them: designer makes money.

Put another way, by using their fonts you are providing free advertising,
perhaps in a context that they would not normally have easy access to.

You, as an academic user, are not making money by selling your research reports.

It could well be different for an academic publisher, choosing to use the font
within the layout design for particular journal issues.
Now they *are* directly making money while distributing the font designs.
So a licensing agreement may well be applicable for this.

I do not believe that you as an author are affected by this in the preparation
of your manuscripts, using the journal’s recommended styles.

Suppose you were to write a book.
Normally you would go through a Publisher, and this kind of issue would
need to be discussed, as part of determining what would be the overall layout design.

Suppose instead that you didn’t use a publisher, but distributed it online,
handling all the promotion and sales issues yourself.

If you are just giving it away for no cost, then I’m sure that there is no issue.
But if you are selling it, then now maybe there is an issue.
However, it has become your choice to use or not use Cambria for the Math font.

This is certainly not the situation of the original posting, where Cambria was required
by some one else (the NSF); so the legalities are on the NSF's head.
Probably they *do* have a licensing agreement.

Indeed, I suspect this is the document that has set the requirement:


as item 31.  (see image)

[cid:9BC9CD19-E70A-4A5B-9D37-272131F885DD at mq.edu.au]

With such a guidance document, the responsibility rests entirely with NSF.
Note that Computer Modern is acceptable too, for mathematics.
Even Adobe’s Symbol font!!!

They seem to be listing fonts that have been used with popular methods,
either now or at some time in the past, for scientists/researchers with different
kinds of typesetting or word-processing applications and abilities.

Launch FontBook, and use “Add Fonts…” or whatever is the menu item.
You know the directory path, so you should be able to get there to select those (and other) fonts.

Actually I was responding on a general level. Although I have not done what you suggest, I am sure it must work. I just don’t have a pressing need to do it, because my use of MicrosoftWord and related stuff is strictly limited to Uni administration tasks—though I admit I find the track changes feature pretty useful.


Hope this helps.


That being said, I find surprising the NSF requires math to be typeset in Cambria Math.

It the image above is indeed what has set the guidelines, then NSF does not *require* it.
Computer Modern fonts can be used; or even Symbol — god forbid!   :-)

Computer Modern math fonts in combination with other text fonts should be acceptable as well.

Hope this helps.



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