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Nitecki, Zbigniew H. Zbigniew.Nitecki at tufts.edu
Sun Jun 21 22:58:23 CEST 2020

I just finished writing up a longish (50pp) set of notes using TeXShop; in the process I ran into two sets of problems, one involving hyperref, the  other a problem with the TeXShop editor.  I’m separating my questions into two emails.  This one concerns hyperref, for which I can provide a reasonably minimal example.  I’ll address my editor problems in a subsequent email.

I have for quite some time used a modification of the \ref macro in latex, which works as follows: labels are always in the format \label{#1:#2}, where #1
identifies a descriptive term like ’Section”  or “Theorem” and #2 identifies which one it is;  then when I want to refer back to the labeled item, I write \refer{#1}{#2}
and what gets printed is the descriptive term followd by the number.  I found this very useful, particularly in writing a book, to make the spelling and capitalization of cross references uniform.
Here is the style file whose main content is that macro:

All has gone well, and as I recall (it’s been a few years) it seemed to work well with hyperref on my book project as well.  But this time something went wrong.  There are two problems, but I think only the first can be addressed in this forum.
Here are a short sourcefile and pdf output, as well as a log file:

I find that when I compile this, if I immediately click on one of the (red) hyperlinked items, I am taken to the appropriate page (there are only two pages in this example).  However, any subsequent click on a hyperlinked item gives me only a little window showing what the text referred to looks like—it doesn’t go to the appropriate page.  I should clarify that this behavior is when I am in view in TeXShop.When I open just the pdf (so it opens in Preview, not in TeXShop, the hyperlinks seem to work.
I don’t know if there is something about the \refer macro that is conflcting with \hyperref, and if so, is there a workaround?

The second hyperref problem is harder to pin down.  I actually have a lot of self-defined macros, mostly formatting notation, so in my actual source file,
there were both a number of \usepackage commands in the preamble which referred to my  macro packages—as well as pstricks and other packages—and a lot of \newcommands specific to the notes.
I initially had the call to \hperref in the middle of my preamble, and then I was experiencing the problem described by the example.  But then I looked at the hyperref manual and it said that the call should come after all the other calls.  So I moved it, and all hell broke loose.  For example, I had at one point decided to use fraktur in one place in the notes, so put in a short sequence of macros for typing a,b,c, d, and A in fraktur.  Most of them were ok, except
\newcommand{\c}{\ensuremath{\mathfrak{c}}} led to an “unknown command” error once the hyperref command was moved to immediately precede the
\begin{document}.  Also, one of the pstricks routines I used (pst-ode) defined some parameters via the statement
                /A -1 def
                /B 0 def
                /C 0 def
                /D -2 def
and this led to unknown command errors.  (They disappeared if I moved the \hyperref call earlier).
Again, I don’t know what is going on, but this one is harder to correct because there are a lot of possible conflicts spread over many files.
However, I found it strange that this problem only occurred when I moved the hyperref call to the end of the preamble.

So for now, I am not using hyperref in these notes, but would like to.

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