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Gray, Gary L euler at psu.edu
Wed Jul 8 23:11:47 CEST 2020

In the Preferences, click on the Editor tab and deselect "Select on Activate" and it will behave how you want.


> On Jul 8, 2020, at 4:59 PM, adawcr <adawcrmb at gmail.com> wrote:
> Are most users satisfied with the way TeXShop currently works when the TeXShop editor window is made active? When the TeXShop editor is not the active window—btw, I’m on a MacBook Pro—I select the editor window by clicking my mouse inside any part of the editor window that is showing, and the editor becomes fully visible, and the cursor is placed at the spot in the window nearest the content where I clicked my mouse. In other words, my previous cursor location is usually changed (unless I fortuitously click at the old cursor position), and I almost never want that action. I know that on my MacBook Pro I can select the window via Mission Control, or I can click only in the title area or the window borders and not affect the previous cursor location, and there may be other ways that I do not know about. Anyway, a change to how the TeXShop editor works would make me deliriously happy. Could the priority for such a change be made at least one greater than the priority of the change request that is currently at the bottom of the change request list?
> This is really about user interfaces about which I have little knowledge, and what they should be for Macs, Windows, etc. I hope this isn’t one of those Apple vs Microsoft things. If it is, then I reluctantly withdraw my request, and this email can be ignored—if it hasn’t been already.
> As a sort of postscript, if a change is made it should be an option so those who want to can maintain their existing experience.
> Thanks for reading this.
> Bill
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