[OS X TeX] Latex symbol for "define equal"

Markus Klyver markusklyver at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 21 13:49:09 CEST 2018

Definitions *are* equivalences.

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Hi all.

I agree with using "when", or better "precisely when", in definitions.
Do not use these words in theorems. There are many alternative ways to express what you want.

But didn't this thread start out asking for a symbolic notation?
In that context, equivalence is *not* the word you want for a definition, as equivalence depends on a particular relation, so is weaker than a definition.

There are nuances in mathematical concepts and notations that are not always correctly appreciated by those who work primarily in other (mostly applied) fields.

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But how would the reader know if it's a theorem or a definition? Consider the statement "f(x)=1 when x=2". Do we mean f(x)=1 <---> x=2 or just f(x)=1 <--- x=2?

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That's why I prefer to use "when" for definitions: [...this NEW thing happens...] WHEN [...such-and-such known, understandable condition holds...].



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