[OS X TeX] TeXShop prefs problem.

Justin C. Walker justin at mac.com
Fri Jun 3 02:48:01 CEST 2016

On Jun 2, 2016, at 17:16 , Herbert Schulz wrote:

>> On Jun 2, 2016, at 7:11 PM, Herbert Schulz <herbs at wideopenwest.com> wrote:
>>> On Jun 2, 2016, at 6:28 PM, Justin C. Walker <justin at mac.com> wrote:
>>> I just noticed this, while using the latest TeXShop on OS X, 10.11.5.
>>> The console window keeps popping up, even with “no errors”.  I finally became sufficiently curious to open prefs, and found that the setting was “always open”; I changed it to “only on errors”, and went back to TeXing.  Again, up popped the window.
>>> I garbled around a while, first deciding that maybe I had to quit and restart TeXShop (no); then, maybe it had something to do with the “One Window” environment (no); and finally, I just started TeXShop and w/o opening files, changed the pref again.  Still the pref remained set to “always”.  Hmm.
>>> Next I plunged into the sketchy world of preference files to see for myself.  I found these settings:
>>>  ConsoleBehavior = 1;
>>>  ConsoleWindowAlpha = "1.00";
>>>  "NSWindow Frame Console" = "1982 811 517 376 0 0 2560 1578 ";
>>>  "NSWindow Frame ConsoleWindow" = "734 53 504 452 0 0 1440 877 ";
>>>  RedConsoleAfterError = NO;
>>> First I tried changing “Red…” to YES (it’s labeled a string, not a boolean, but what the heck).  No change.
>>> Maybe “…behavior” is the right one, but what does “1” mean?  And what is “not 1”?
>>> At this point, I appear for help!
>>> Help!
>>> Thanks, as always.
>>> Justin
>> Howdy,
>> Did you try it with the ``old fashioned'' separate window mode?
>> Good Luck,
>> Herb Schulz
>> (herbs at wideopenwest dot com)
> Howdy,
> I'm also curious about whether your setting for TeXSuop->Preferences->Typesetting has `Bring Preview Forward' or `Continue Editing' set in the AFter Typesetting section.

As I tried to imply in my email, I did try the "old fashioned way" before mailing.  Also, I have "Continue Editing" set.

However, I have now tried so many variations on this theme that I can no longer reproduce exactly what I was seeing.

First, keep in mind that OS X 10.11 has a *lot* of caching going on behind the scenes, so it's hard to tell what's real and "what's Memorex"[1].  In particular the prefs files don't necessarily reflect reality.

I am still having the issue of the *setting* of console behavior sticking across relaunches.  The setting sticks as long as I don't quit TeXShop, but the behavior of the console is bizarre.

I am now seeing this for console behavior:
- if there's a real error, the window pops up and stays until dismissed.
- Otherwise, it appears that the one/two window mode does affect behavior
  but it's tricky to nail down without keeping notes (which I'm not) (yet).
- The "preview behavior" setting also seems to have an effect, and again,
  it's tricky...
- I have seen, but can't reliably reproduce, the console window pop up and
  go away while compiling, both in one-wondow and separated window mode (with
  the console window obscured at the start of compilation.  This is with no
  compile errors.

At this point, I feel like I'm in the cave, with the Wumpus hot on my trail...


[1] you have to be of a certain age to know what that means.

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