[OS X TeX] Install fail

Ettore Aldrovandi ealdrov at math.fsu.edu
Fri Sep 4 01:32:22 CEST 2015

One more thing…

John, if (big if) you want to change your default (=login) shell to bash, then there are two ways. The  first is:


this will asks for your password and then drop you into an editor where you will change the line /bin/tcsh to /bin/bash.  

Note, however, that by default the editor is VI. 

The second way is to use directory services. Still in the Terminal, run:

	dscl . -read /Users/<yourusername> UserShell

this should answer:

UserShell: /bin/tcsh

Then run:
	dscl . -change /Users/<yourusername> UserShell /bin/tcsh /bin/bash

Of course you will have to fix the /etc/profile file as well, if that was edited. If everything is fine, just disregard.


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