[OS X TeX] Problems when updating in OS X 10.7

Richard Koch koch at uoregon.edu
Sun Oct 4 04:09:59 CEST 2015

> On Oct 3, 2015, at 5:42 PM, Jutta Wrage <jw at witch.westfalen.de> wrote:
> Some issues:
> I did follow the installation guide. System: 10.7 still

I take this to mean that you installed MacTeX on system 10.7.
> What went wrong:
> 1. Installation made texmaker the default to open tex files instead of TexShop. Doing that changes to user preferences is bad. :-(

This is something we cannot control. Apple’s system of associating files with specific applications doesn’t
work for open source programs where several different programs claim to edit TeX files. Usually using the Finder’s
“Get Info” on a TeX file, and then choosing TeXShop to open it and all similar files works to fix things. But file
icons can remain broken.

> 2. Something with the installation of TexShop is broken here, too. Finder did show for "open" in the first line a TexShop.app with standard application symbol after me changing the file open preferences using the tool I have in system preferences.
> 3. Changing the Icon for TexShop: Why the hell? When texmaker sudenly was default to open tex files suddenly, I thought there was no TexShop at all any longer…

Does this refer to the round gray icon. This was done because Apple adopted new icon designs
for Mavericks. I don’t want to let TeXShop look “old fashioned,” but usually these changes are done
gradually. No further icon changes are in the works now.
> File opening is somehow repaired now after adding mime type "application/x-tex" and having TexShop to open files there, too.
> They are still shown as Text files in finder, but I guess that is as there is no file type (not to fiddle with file extension) afaik for TEX files. So they are Text files indeed and they have been shown as such before, too.
> After saving the changes with adding mime type somehow the type of aux files is shown correctly again in Finder. - Not sure if that happened just as a result.
> 4. Not my problem as I did not use it: But magnifying using loupe in TexShop PDF viewer not working here.
> But the picture in one of the mails her looks like what OSX is doing now when using the magnifying tool in preferences for sight impaired. That turned really ugly
> compared to what it used to be in the beginning of OS X, when introduced.

This is an El Capitan bug. I reported it early in the development process, but haven’t received an
answer from Apple. I’m working on a work around. However, I now remember that you have system 10.7.
The code for the magnifying glass has had to change often because Apple keeps breaking it, and new methods
are needed. The current methods work on Mavericks and Yosemite. If you could upgrade to Mavericks, you’d get
the magnifying glass back. But that code broke on El Capitan.
> 5. BTW: Apple used to have a guide, what ist expected to be in which menu. Would be kind if developers take a look at it. Else Apple computers will turn more and more to user unfriendly W* systems.
> And People have to ask more often, if they cannot find things where expected in the menus.
> And one question: when doing the install there was shown a guide later on how to make system fonts available to tex and about font conversion. Where can I find that again to read now?
> Look 

Look at tug.org. I think the guide is referenced from one of the links on that site.

Dick Koch

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