[OS X TeX] TexShop and UTF-8

Jutta Wrage jw at witch.westfalen.de
Sat Mar 21 01:26:11 CET 2015


Looks like Texshop messses up utf-8 tex files.

I do the following:

Export a tex file from Lyx. Lyx is set up to use utf-8 as there has been no other way to get my German umlauts and other things from Bibdesk bib files to documents.

I set up TexShop to use utf-8 encoding for files

Then I open the tex file and it gets automatically processed and the pdf opens.

That is okay so far...

But then I want to test something, edit the file and now I see an error in the console. Processing stops:
./koma-brief-Test.tex:57: Undefined control sequence.
\scr at toname@var ...tr. 3\linebreak {} 48141 M\UTF 
l.57 \opening{Sehr geehrter Herr Mustermann}

Next test: I open the file with BBEdit after exporting from Lyx

I add the line:
% !TEX encoding = UTF-8 Unicode

Same happens as before: First run okay, but when doing any changes to the file with built-in editor in TexShop the tex file is broken.

If I set up Texshop to use latin-9 (latin-15 not available) and change the file in BBEdit to be latin-9 I can have umlauts in the file.

At least I have no clue why the built in TexShop editor changes
"Münster" to "M\UTF{00FC}nster" and saves this to the file when set up to use utf-8.
Maybe, TexShop editor just ignores the utf-8 encoding?

Even if I create a new tex file completely in TexShop same thing happens.
Umlauts only work with latin1 or latin9.

Workaround for now: Edit with BBEdit and save and then open for preview in TexShop to test it. This avoids using the Texshop editor.



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