[OS X TeX] \input and Texroot

Alain Schremmer schremmer.alain at gmail.com
Sat May 31 15:21:44 CEST 2014

On May 31, 2014, at 7:37 AM, Nitecki, Zbigniew H. wrote:

> I am experiencing a problem for which I don't know how to provide a  
> minimal example, and have no idea even where to look for a cause.
> I have been working on a book for some time, in which the individual  
> sections are in separate files, named <section>.tex, and the  
> accompanying exercises in files named <section>.ex.tex.  The master  
> file, CalcThree.tex, calls them via \input{<section>}
> (resp. \input{<section>.ex}).  Each of the individual files starts  
> with
>> %!TEX root =  CalcThree.tex
> All of these are in a single folder.
> I had a fully functioning version of this book, but need to do a  
> major rewrite/revision.  So I created a new folder, and am one-by- 
> one duplicating the section files, moving it to the new folder,  
> renaming the file <section>.tex copy (reps. <section>.ex.tex) as   
> <section>14.tex (resp. <section>14.ex.tex), changing the root to
>> %!TEX root =  CalcThree14.tex
> changing my \input calls, and doing my revisions there.
> All was going fine until I got to the exercises for the fourth  
> section, originally in file dot.ex.tex.  I have the following weird  
> situation: if I hit the "Typeset" tab from file dot14.ex.tex, the  
> compiler works away on compiling the book until it gets to  
> \input{dot14.ex} where it stops and gives me the error message:  
> can't find file dot14.ex.  Same if I typeset from CalcThree14.tex.
> What can possibly be going on, or more to the point, how can I work  
> around this?  I've tried various versions of explicitly adding  
> the .tex to calls, renaming the file, etc., all to no avail.

This person has of course no idea but in somewhat similar situations,  
what I have done is to give up and make a new copy of the functioning  
version etc. Not a very scientific approach of course but it has  
worked each time.  :-(

By the way, I am curious as to why you duplicated the sections one by  
one rather than duplicate the whole folder.


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