[OS X TeX] LaTeX editors with truly great file organisational abilities

Andreas Höschler ahoesch at advanced-science.com
Thu Jul 18 12:34:18 CEST 2013

Hi Scot,

> Are there any LaTeX editors with really superb multi-document organisational ability?
> ...
> I've tried things like BBEDIT which has a "project" view (not quite the same thing) but the LaTeX plugin basically sucks as far as I can tell.
> Any ideas? Please don't say Emacs.

I recommend to have a look on Cassiopeia. Organizing documents (managing complexity) is one of the objectives of this app. The book feature of Cassiopeia might be exactly what you are looking for. It allows you to arrange and manage (smaller) documents in a higher structure. You can create chapters and then assign documents to these chapters. You can rearrange the documents and chapters via drag and drop,... 

Cassiopeia does not require you to know LaTeX. It is a WYSIWYG word processor and generates LaTeX automatically for you. However, it has a LaTeX region feature that lets you insert LaTeX code directly into the document. The equation editor is currently keystroke-based (the most efficient approach). However, it will understand LaTeX sequences in the next version as well. So you will be able to either type \omega to get the greek character or alternatively press Ctrl-g w (<--more efficient IMHO).

Hope this helps!


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