[OS X TeX] LaTeX editors with truly great file organisational abilities

Scot Mcphee scot.mcphee at gmail.com
Thu Jul 18 11:58:29 CEST 2013

Are there any LaTeX editors with really superb multi-document organisational ability?

I don't prefer to have one big long LaTeX document: I prefer to have a master document and lots of smaller documents. To draft my documents, I currently use a program called Scrivener. however it can't work directly with LaTeX so my drafts are in a a simplified mark up language called multimarkdown (MMD). MMD then converts to LaTex and I work from there. But that's a problem, especially for citation managers and other tools, which have spotty or no support for either Scrivener directly or for MMD (and the ones that do, suck hard in regards to other features, like clean exporting to my bib database).

Scrivener has this neat "index card" view. Which is INVALUABLE (it's main feature) -- in the past I have used manual index cards to re-organise a document (my Master's Thesis!) to make better sense. You can go down to the paragraph level, then hide it behind a one-sentence summary. Then it's a breeze to re-organise your document structure by dragging the index cards into a new order, then switching back to the traditional document view. So I'm looking for something that will support that level of organisational ability, but with LaTeX files.

So what I want is to be able to efficiently manage my document workflow directly in LaTeX. God bless TexShop, it's a great app if you have every document you use in basically a single file, but if you have 5 chapters each with 5 sub-parts and you want them all in a separate file, (25 files) it's a nightmare of cycling through countless open windows.

I've tried things like BBEDIT which has a "project" view (not quite the same thing) but the LaTeX plugin basically sucks as far as I can tell.

Any ideas? Please don't say Emacs.


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