[OS X TeX] biblatex / TeXShop questions

Scot Mcphee scot.mcphee at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 11:51:17 CET 2013

> \renewcommand*{\postnotedelim}{\addcolon\space}

This makes it output do this: "Feldherr 1998: p. 11" (if \cite), or, "Levene (2006: p. 75)" (if \textcite), and I need to eliminate the "p." entirely, i.e. "Feldherr 1998: 11". The biblatex manual was fairly opaque on this issue.

However googling this problem discovered the following answer at http://newsgroups.derkeiler.com/Archive/Comp/comp.text.tex/2007-10/msg00888.html (usenet to the rescue!):

% declarefieldformat first, otherwise, "p." or "pp." is added by the authoryear style
% now add the colon and the space as a delimiter

I tried that and it came up splendidly. The \textcite format however is not what I'm looking for. For the moment I'll continue using \cite and hope the grad school don't notice the () in the bibliography, or that Simon's biblatex-fiwi has an answer.

Nonetheless the help people have given has been splendid, because it's allowed me to refine my language for Google search (i.e. taught me what the right questions are).


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