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> 2.
> I am using the style "authoryear-comp" as that is pretty close to the house style for my PhD. However one thing it does do that looks wrong to me is the citation is 'Author YYYY' but the bibliographical entry is 'Author, Firstname. (YYYY). ...'. I know our house style rules are on the lines that if the year is in brackets in the citations, it should be in the biblio, and vice-versa. How do I control that? Do I need to write a custom style?

Are you sure these are the rules, because the way you describe doesn't make much sense to me. Normally you either have the year in the bibliography in brackets or you don't. But this normally doesn't depend directly on the in-text citation. It's quite common to have both varieties in a text depending on the situation. For example you would write "As Doe (1998) shows …" but you would use (Doe 1998) to give the source of a verbal citation.

But anyway, you might have a look at my style biblatex-fiwi which I wrote for humanities (film/media studies especially). Its documentation is only in German at the moment, but most things should be quite self-explanatory from the examples. Judging from your description it might fit your needs better than author-comp.
> 3.
> When I want to include a page number or page range in the citation, which for Humanities scholars is all the time, is really the only way to do this like this: 
> \cite{Feldherr:1998ts}{: 9--11}

> The format we have to use is "Author YYYY: pg", I've found I have to add the colon, and the space, to the second argument. Can I configure it to at least take:
> \cite{Feldherr:1998ts}{9--11}
> And have the citation style add the colon/space separator?

This syntax is incorrect to begin with. It must be \cite[9--11]{Feldherr:1998ts}

To change the separation between year and page use


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