[OS X TeX] Computer Modern in a Mac program

Doug McKenna doug at mathemaesthetics.com
Mon Oct 29 04:40:01 CET 2012

Ross Moore wrote -

>You could have used FontBook to find this information, 
>(see attached images) but having a searchable text listing can
>often be more convenient.

Thanks for the tip on getting the Glyph index by just pointing at the 
glyph; I clearly don't use FontBook very much!

Pete Dyballa wrote -

>You don't need to use a TeX font (where TeX in math mode corrects a few 
>things silently), ’àë is also contained in fonts that come with Mac OS X. 
>Using such a font, Lucida Grande for example or Monaco or Menlo, will make 
>your application independent of third party software’Ķ

My experimental application is trying to emulate how a vanilla TeX engine 
using Computer Modern places certain math glyphs on a page.  So I'm mired 
in various low-level internal details of fonts that most folks can (and 
should) ignore.  Hence my interest in knowing precisely what's different 
in Latin Modern as compared to Computer Modern.  Or for that matter the 
CMUnicode fonts you mentioned earlier.

Doug McKenna

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