[OS X TeX] Computer Modern in a Mac program

Doug McKenna doug at mathemaesthetics.com
Sun Oct 28 17:22:36 CET 2012

Pete Dyballa wrote -

>> It's gotta be something simple, right?
>Yes: CMU! Computer Modern in Unicode encoding and in OpenType format: 
>You can create in Font Book a Library and populate it with the font files 
>from the given directory.

I had all these installed, visible to FontBook, but none of my attempts 
to use them from within my code worked.  So I uninstalled them to do some 
clean experiments.  And I must not quite have my head wrapped around "in 
Unicode encoding" yet.  That means the sigma glyph is accessed using 
something other than a character code of "58, that's for sure.  I'm 
working at a pretty low level here.

Michael Welsh replied -

>Look at the "TeX Gyre" fonts, which IIRC, were installed with MacTeX. 
>There is also Latin Modern - 

I will experiment with the Latin Modern fonts after installing them.  But 
once installed, it's still unclear to me how I refer to that Latin Modern 
font corresponding to what TeX uses for the summation glyph.  Do these 
fonts have a different character-code-to-glyph-mapping from what TeX 
uses?  If not different, that's one thing less to warry about.


Doug McKenna

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