[OS X TeX] TS with Retina and 2nd monitor

Richard Koch koch at math.uoregon.edu
Mon Nov 19 16:00:26 CET 2012


On Nov 19, 2012, at 3:40 AM, "Vamos, Peter" <P.Vamos at exeter.ac.uk> wrote:

> I am contemplating buying the new 13" MacBook Pro with *Retina* display and using it as my *only* computer (home and away) with a second monitor. I have a number of questions below relating to this, advice, comments are also most welcome.

Your proposed setup is essentially the setup I am using to develop TeXShop.
I have a 15 inch Retina Mac, connected to Apple's 
Thunderbolt display.

TeXShop works fine with the Retina display. 
In general, applications written with Cocoa work without revision, while
those written with Carbon require revision.

If you have a Retina portable, "Get Info" on a program produces an extra
choice: "Open in Low Resolution". This choice can be selected if the
program has problems with high resolution, and then the display is
automatically "doubled". This choice is off by default for Cocoa apps,
but can be turned on if there is trouble. It is automatically on for other
apps, and can only be turned off if the app developer has added a flag
that the app is "Retina-ready."

I'll release version 3.12 of TeXShop very soon,  but the bugs it fixes have 
nothing to do with the Retina display.

You should look at Apple's Thunderbolt display. This display has a single
cable to connect to the portable. The cable splits into two pieces at the
end: one piece supplies power and the other connects to Thunderbolt.
Thus disconnecting and reconnecting the portable is trivial and you
have your entire environment with you when you travel.

The Thunderbolt display provides

	a) a thunderbolt port, to which you can connect yet another monitor
	b) USB 3 ports, to which you can connect hard disks and CD drives
	c) Firewire Ports
	d) Ethernet

All this information travels over the solitary thunderbolt cable.


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