[OS X TeX] TS with Retina and 2nd monitor

Vamos, Peter P.Vamos at exeter.ac.uk
Mon Nov 19 20:35:20 CET 2012


Thanks for explaining so clearly how applications work with the Retina displays. I am delighted that you confirmed that TexShop will work fine with the Retina display.

> A lot of people claim the Retina display is so fantastic that once you use it, you can never go back to ordinary displays. I believe those people are in their early 20s. 
> I'm an old guy. I can see the difference in the Retina display, but I have to look closely

This is interesting. I am old too...  but I wear no glasses although I was told recently that I a  cataract just started to develop in one of my eyes.  I also have a friend, even older than me, who claims not to see much difference between her old non-retina iPad and the retina one she now has. It would be interesting to hear from others on this forum having experience with the retina screens and stating their age groups (young, middle senior, down the hill...)

 On 19 Nov 2012, at 12:15, Scot Mcphee wrote:

> However, one thing I have to say about the Retina display. Having seen them in store they are *gorgeous*.

If it isn't too personal, are you Scot a young man? In your early 20s?

Back to Dick who wrote:

> You should look at Apple's Thunderbolt display.

I have. But decided it was too big for my needs and far too expensive. I wish Apple had a 21" Thunderbolt display at a reasonable (for Apple) price. So I am now looking at other 21" models, if anyone can recommend one please write.

> It turns out that the TeX Distribution Preference Pane doesn't have a high resolution icon, so its icon is replaced by a generic icon on Retina machines.

I think that I can live with this.


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