[OS X TeX] TeXShop and latex->dvips->...

"M. Tamer Özsu" ozsut at mac.com
Sat Dec 22 01:29:11 CET 2012

I normally use pdflatex but I have one project that requires me to go the "old way": latex->dvips->ps2pdf. At the end of latex run I get a pop-up message that says "To open gs you need to install X11". The end of the log has the following:

### ps2pdf13 /tmp/altpdflatex.1159-1356135865/book-2.ps /tmp/altpdflatex.1159-1356135865/book-2.pdf
### Copying/moving pdf file /tmp/altpdflatex.1159-1356135865/book-2.pdf to book-2.pdf
cp: /tmp/altpdflatex.1159-1356135865/book-2.pdf: No such file or directory
### FAILED to copy /tmp/altpdflatex.1159-1356135865/book-2.pdf ()
mv: rename book-2.pdf.1159-1356135865 to book-2.pdf: No such file or directory
### FAILED to rename book-2.pdf.1159-1356135865 ()
### Succesfully generated book-2.dvi and book-2.pdf

Although it says it successfully generated book-2.pdf that file is not in the same directory (as the earlier message says, it apparently gets generated in /tmp/altpdflatex... but cannot be copied to the document directory). What am I doing wrong?

M. Tamer Özsu
University of Waterloo
Cheriton School of Computer Science

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