[OS X TeX] LaTeX conversion to eBook?

Doug McKenna doug at mathemaesthetics.com
Mon Apr 30 18:29:02 CEST 2012

William Adams answered -

>> What sorts of capabilities are there in the ePub3 spec that are much 
>> better than TeX/LaTeX?
>It's a flattened, simplified .html-like representation of a document w/ 
>CSS intended to be displayed on a machine w/ a low-power processor, and at 
>various font and screen sizes, so must reflow, so one can't readily do 
>nice hyphenation (actually, it's turned off in all the viewing programs 
>I've seen) or justification.

Is that because nice hyphenation/justification is CPU-intensive?  Or some 
other reason?  Seems like doing these things happens in TeX pretty fast 
these days, so it's not a per se user-interface issue (assuming you could 
use TeX inside an eBook).  Or is it just that the algorithms are gnarly?

>> I'm just trying to get a handle on each system's strengths and weaknesses.
>ebooks afford flexible, convenient viewing at the expense of appearance on 
>the screen
>pdfs afford total control over on-screen appearance at the expense of 
>flexibility (a given layout must be done for a particular screen / font 
>size) and convenience (if you print a .pdf it takes up much more room than 
>a file on a device).


Doug McKenna

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