[OS X TeX] Re : Does some package handle this character ? (right lower corner filled triangle)

Ewan Delanoy ewan.delanoy at gmx.fr
Tue Mar 8 08:43:20 CET 2011

>Switch to XeTeX and access it at codepoint: U+025E2 .
 >e.g. as \char"25E2
 >with a font that has this character. There are many.
 >(see attached image)

 Thanks Ross! The fonts in my Font window (as suggested in your attached image) are actually Mac Fonts,
 not TeX/LaTeX fonts. So I'm afraid they are of no help ; I can without difficulty
 print whatever character I please in the source file and compile it with
 XeLaTeX, but the exotic characters aren't displayed in the PDF, which is not
 surprising. The \char command is not better : the minimal example

 Here is an exotic character : \char"25E2 or <character written directly here>

 does not work, as the PDF does not display the exotic character.
 What is missing from my example is a font specification, right? I browsed
 http://www.tug.dk/FontCatalogue/ but could not find any indication
 of which fonts handle exotic Unicode characters.

 On the extremely short file above, compilation with XeLaTeX (in TeXShop) was
 around ten times longer a pdflatex compilation on a long .tex file. Is that normal

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