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On 08/03/2011, at 3:19 AM, Jean Jeener <jean.jeener at> wrote:

> The "Trash Aux. Files" button is available at the right top of the console window that opens automatically whenever you typeset. I use it very often, usually to recover from the problem that you mention.

This helps you restart and do some debugging trials.
Of itself it doesn't help locate the error.

The problem is due to some bad data written into the .aux file.
You need to determine what this is, and stop it happening again.
Most likely it is a bad non-letter character being used in a \label , perhaps even a line-end.

One thing to try is to open the .aux file itself. Maybe you can spot where the syntax of an instance of \@newl at bel looks different to all the others.
Another thing is to look carefully at the typeset PDF, especially around the section headings and other environments where you have used a \label. Does anything look wrong?

If you cannot locate the error this way, use the 'cut' method. 
  Trash the .aux files. 
  Put \end{document} roughly half way through your source. 
  Typeset twice.
Does it fail?  If so, move \end{document} to earlier in the source, otherwise move it to later.
Repeat the steps, and so on.

Eventually you will locate the place where something bad gets written into the .aux file.
Most likely this will correspond to a \label command. Change it, to use only letters.
Test that there are no other such instances.

Hope this helps,


> Jean
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> On Mar 7, 2011, at 16:56, Charlie Ros5e wrote:
>> LaTeX Troopers! 
>> I'm running TexShop 2.37 on OS X 10.6.6 and TexShop is misbehaving in a way I've never seen before. As a simple example of the behavior, suppose I forget a $ sign in an in–line expression within Foucault.tex. TexShop shows me the error in a Console window, of course. But, when I correct the error, save the source, and try to compile again, I still get and error albeit a different one:
>> 	Runaway argument?
>> 	{
>> 	! File ended while scanning use of \@newl at bel.
>> 	<inserted text> 
>> 	                \par 
>> 	l.19 \begin{document}
>> When I look at the project files in Finder, I see the following.
>> 		<PastedGraphic-1.png>
>> The only way I can recover is to delete all the project files except for Foucault.tex, and then recompile. When I do this, everything is ducky.
>> This continues to happen even after I restart my computer, and have only Finder and TexShop running ... plus my widgets, of course, but I've recovered from errors with them running for years.
>> Here's a BIG clue: If I start a new, test project even while 'Foucault' is loaded in TextShop, I can make all kinds of errors in the test.tex file, get my error report, fix the errors, and recompile successfully as I've always done before. Clearly, something is hosed in Foucault.tex but I have no idea what it could be.
>> Can any of you pass some wisdom my way?
>> With many thanks,
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