[OS X TeX] counting words in 2010

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Sat Oct 30 21:46:49 CEST 2010

On Thu 28th Oct, 2010 at 18:59, Michael Sharpe seems to have written:

> On Oct 28, 2010, at 4:56 PM, Dr. Clea F. Rees wrote:
>> The problem I'm seeing is with /usr/texbin/detex as supplied with TeX
>> Live 2010 as opposed to the versions supplied with TeX Live 2008 and
>> 2009. Essentially, I'm getting much lower word counts than I should
>> because detex is stripping out text which it really shouldn't. The
>> things I'm certain about include footnote text and italicised text but
>> I suspect these are just a part of the problem.
> In testing some short example files, it seemed that the contents of \emph{}, \textbf{} and so on are being counted, but not the contents of \footnote{}. However, footnote text built with the construction \begin{footnote}{}\end{footnote} seemed to be correctly counted. The man page for detex spells out the limited customizations that may be applied to detex.

Strange. detex is definitely taking out the contents of \emph{} here.
If I run detex without piping through wc, I can see the relevant words
are missing. (This is without passing detex any options.) Maybe we are
using different versions of detex? Earlier versions definitely did not
behave in this way.

> Michael

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