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> All,
> Has anyone tried to use the iPad app for LaTeX called TeX Touch? I will appreciate comments about this app.
> I ask the list about this because there does not seem to be a way to try the app first without buying it.
> Back in July there was a short thread about TeX Touch on OS X TeX.  And the reviews on the Apple app store are very complimentary. What is the recent experience?

I originally asked about it and I've bought it. I suspect you could
probably use it without
Dropbox since you could add files via iTunes, the Dropbox approach is
best. You select a
file to edit on your Dropbox and it will update the file on Dropbox
with the changes you make.

The two main problems with it are that there is no syntax colouring
and there doesn't seem
to be a close without saving option. That said, the keyboard has been
customized to better
support LaTeX so that's a big advantage over the other iPad text editors.

I don't use the "voodoo" to run LaTeX on the file, just edit it. I'll
leave it to others to talk
about that aspect of things.

Hope this helps.



Tim Lahey
PhD Candidate, Systems Design Engineering
University of Waterloo

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